Great Wall Motor Company Limited (Great Wall) is the largest privately owned automotive manufacturer in China. It is the first privately-owned auto company of China listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. At present, Great Wall products comprise Pickup series, SUV Series, CUV Series. Since 1998, Great Wall pickups are the market leaders in the products range, export volume among all the pickup brands in China. Great Wall SUV was ranked the number one in terms of sales volume for 3 years consecutively in China. In the international market, Great Wall is the biggest brand for exports among auto enterprises of China.

Great Wall owns 20 subsidiaries and it currently has about 10,000 employees. At present, products of Great Wall cover Pickups series, SUV series, CUV Series, motor-homes and special vehicles etc. Great Wall has the capability of development and matching regarding core parts of vehicles, such as engines, front and rear axles etc. Since 1998, Great Wall Pickups are the leaders in market share, products range, export volume, and market occupation among all the Pickup brands in consecutive 9 years. Great Wall SUV is ranked the number one in terms of sales volume for 4 years consecutively; in the international market, Great Wall becomes the biggest brand for exporting among the auto enterprises of China; the sales volume of Hover CUV which is developed by ourselves is the first among the middle and top grade auto brands.

Al Hamad Automobiles Co. has been representing Great Wall Motors in Qatar since last 8 years, each year with outstanding target achievement and increased market share. One of the great assets which Al Hamad Automobiles has is the technical team and service facilities available for GW vehicles. A permanent service team from GW motors and Al Hamad mechanics with 24 hours onroad service has given value-added services for GW owners in Qatar. Prompt service, greater customer care were the milestones in our sales achievement for GW vehicles in Qatar.