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Introducing a brand new JAC SUNRAY

With its noble and elegant design, this multi-purpose commercial vehicle was created by JAC Italy Design Center.

Its versatility supports both passenger and commercial use. JAC Sunray is suitable for urban transport with higher mobility, as well as for customers with higher comfort demand, and for situations with specific needs. Its cargo advantages include a 180 degrees tailgate opening angle, rectangular inner space and an impressive 95% space utilization rate.

Front design of Sunray is safer in head-on collisions, thanks to its longer energy absorbing region. The vehicle has been meticulously tested to ensure that it meets the particular demands of the Middle Eastern markets, including: high temperature reliability and high humidity reliability.

Multiple use of JAC Sunray include:

  • Cargo delivery
  • Public transportation
  • Shutter service
  • Other, with special modifications (ambulance, school bus etc.)

Get in touch with us to learn more about this highly anticipated new addition to the JAC family