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Crawler Crane QUY280


Item Unit Parameter
Max. lifting capacity Main Boom t 280
Fixed jib t 37
Boom Single top t 78
Max. load moment kN-m 15000
Boom length m 18~87
Boom elevating angle ° 12~36
Fixed jib length m 27~60
Boom luffing angle (°) 3~84
Max. single line speed (at 6th layer with no load) m/min 137
Boom luffing gear max. single line speed(at 1st layer) m/min 2x27
Max rope single line pull t 15
Wire rope diam mm 26
Max. Slewing speed rpm 1.3
Max. Traveling speed km/h 1.1
grade ability % 30
Mean ground pressure Mpa 0.12
Engine output power kW 242
Gross vehicle mass (main hook block, 18m boom) t 252
Max. weight of single unit in travel configuration t 58.0
Max. dimension of single unit(basic machine) in travel configuration (LxWxH) m 12.53x3.47x3.46